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What was life like before compression? How did I run for so long before welcoming compression into my life? Boy was I late to the party! Now I rock lots of compression ... arm sleeves, leg sleeves, socks and even shorts!!


And all from Zensah! About six weeks ago, Zensah gave me the opportunity to review a pair of Neon Yellow Compression Socks, which you can read here.

2013-04-13 11.57.47

While neon is fantastic (never thought I would say that outside of the 1980s), it doesn't go with all of my running outfits. Zensah to the rescue. Argyle Say whhaa?? You heard me ... argyle compression socks ($49.99 value)! Like the website states:

Zensah Argyle Compression Socks provide runners, triathletes, cyclists, and all athletes with increased circulation and decreased recovery time by utilizing advanced graduated compression in each pair of argyle compression socks - meaning the greatest amount of compression in the ankle and less in the calf area.



Of course I had to pick the white-grey-neon pink argyle socks since they go so well with my Asics running shoes. Don't you agree? We were a match made in Heaven. Many wonder when compression socks can be worn and Zensah puts it best:

The argyle compression socks are able to be worn prior to exercise to help runners warm up and prevent injury. Athletes are able to wear the compression socks during running and other exercises to help increase endurance through improved muscle oxygenation. Wear Zensah Argyle Compression Socks post-exercise provide runners, triathletes, cyclists, and athletes with a valuable recovery tool, helping to rebuild muscles faster.

Yup, that's exactly what I would say: before a workout, during a workout or after a workout!! Your choice! Personally, I am most apt to use the argyle compression socks for post workout recovery ... especially with some weakness in my left leg after a back injury/surgery/sciatica I suffered in 2011. The compression socks really help the blood to flow and to speed up the recovery process. I even go as far as wearing them at night while I sleep if I feel I really need the help! But, there are days when the legs are feeling sluggish or tired and I will break out the compression socks. The day I ran the Freedom Trail Run (June 8) was one of those mornings ... so my amazing neon pink-grey-white Zensah socks came with me. The day was overcast and some puddles remained from a heavy rain the night before, but the moisture wicking fibers kept my feet nice and dry. Additionally, the padded toe and heel offer extra shock absorption on the uneven Boston cobblestone streets. And you know how you hate when a seam gets in one of those uncomfortable positions in your sneaker and you have to stop running, pause your Garmin and adjust the sock ... not in the Zensah compression socks since they are seamless. Smart designers!


So, I may have chosen the neon pink-grey-white argyle pattern this time ... but Zensah has 6 patterns to choose from. Eek, which will I choose next? *Black-Electric Blue-Light Blue *Black-Grey-Light Pink *Black-Grey-Neon Pink *Black-Turquoise-Green Apple *White-Electric Blue-Light Blue *White-Grey-Light Pink *White-Grey-Neon Pink *** So, now we get to the exciting part ... do you want to do know what it is? Well, I guess the title of this post gave it away ... it's a GIVEAWAY!!! Zensah generously offered a giveaway with not 1, not 2, but 5 lucky readers will win their own pairs of Argyle compression socks! YAY!!!!! Here's how to enter: The giveaway will run from Monday June 17 (9am ET) through Friday June 21 (9am ET)!

The winner will be selected and announced on Friday!


REVIEW: Zensah Compression Socks

What is with the compression craze? Why do runners wear compression socks/sleeves? What is the benefit? These are just a few of the compression questions I get on a regular basis.

So when Zensah offered me the chance to review their neon yellow Compression socks, I jumped at the opportunity.

2013-04-13 11.57.47

A little about Zensah:

Based on the Italian word "SENZA" meaning to be "without" so too should athletes be "without limits." This mantra inspires us each and every day to create the most cutting edge sports apparel. All of our products are developed using seamless technology, simply meaning they are made without seams.

Zensah was created to help athletes at all levels improve their performance by utilizing innovative sportswear made with cutting edge technology.

I first learned about Zensah and compression socks/sleeves in 2011. I had major back surgery in January 2011 and during recovery researched products that would help with the side effects of the sciatica in my left leg caused by the herniated disc. The Sciatica left my left leg weaker than the right and I wanted to try anything I could that may help.

Since that moment, I started using a pair of Zensah Compression Sleeves during my training runs.

Compression sleeves and socks are designed to enhance blood circulation and oxygen flow before, during or after an athletic performance.

When I got my first pair of Zensah sleeves, I was using just the left sleeve while running to aid my damaged leg.


But as I did more research, I learned they also had benefits during pre-running prep and post-running recovery.

Now I use my Zensah sleeves and socks all the time. ;)

My first pair of sleeves were subtle - a nice black - that could blend in with my running pants.

But no longer - the brighter the better I say!

So I was pysched when Zensah offered up a pair of neon yellow socks.


Can you see me coming?

I took a casual recovery walk the day after the Boston Marathon and I took the Zensah socks along for the trip.

2013-04-16 18.09.16

I could feel the aching and soreness in my legs slowly leaving as I wore the socks and kept my legs moving.

A few days after the marathon it was time to once again lace up the sneakers and go for a run. Again, I brought the Zensah socks along for the trip.


I had set out to run just a couple miles to shake the legs out, but wearing the Zensah Compression socks gave me the strength to run farther. My legs felt strong enough to leg out a 4 mile run - double what I had set out to do.

Not a runner or athlete, Zensah Compression socks can still work for you.

Since they are designed up help with blood flow in the legs, I love to wear socks under my pants when on a plane or around the house after a long car ride. They can easily fit under a pair of work pants so there have been times when I have rocked them under some work pants when I know I will be on my feet for an extended period of time during the day.

Or feel free to boldly wear them with whatever outfit you may be wearing. ;)


Hot, right?

The Zensah Compression socks will run you $50, but it is a true investment. They are versatile and improve both athletic performance and general health of your legs.

Plus, who doesn't need a little color in their lives?

So head on over to Zensah and check out the many different colors and patterns they offer for Compression Socks and Sleeves.


Have you caught on to the Compression craze? When do you tend to wear them the most?