Fierce Forward Limitless Collection Bracelet *WINNER ANNOUNCED*

Annddddd the winner IS:

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Thank you to everyone that participated and big thanks to Fierce Forward for sharing her beautiful bracelet with us!!!


I am not a HUGE jewelry person. I usually keep it pretty simple - a couple bangles and my Tedy's Team plastic bracelet are really all I need.

But, I love a company with a purpose - especially when it is to motivate and inspire women.

Enter Fierce Forward ... a company "driven by purpose and moved by passion, you break down barriers and move Fiercely Forward."

Ashley Johns is a personal trainer, a fitness model, an athlete, an author, a life coach and a jewelry designer.

She created the Limitless Collection, which features such motivating designs as Purpose, Commitment, Energy, Passion, Growth, Grounded and Strength. Each bracelet holds a powerful and empowering message.

The collection got the game because Ashley writes "each bracelet is handmade to arm you with the intention to be limitless."

A positive message I can get after.

After connecting with Ashley on Twitter, she was gracious enough to offer myself as well as a blog reader a Less Sugar Bracelet.

less sugar

Photo Courtesy of Fierce Forward 

Ashley describes the beautiful Less Sugar Bracelet as:

A petite bracelet hand made by me using only the finest African Trade Beads. Come with a Fierce Forward logo Stainless Steel Charm that freely moves around the bracelet. This "candy bracelet" is to remind you to eat less sugar and be mindful of what you put in your body. Moderation is key! This is life, you must enjoy the fine things in it and enjoy them richly. Enjoying something richly is not having it every day but waiting for it in moderation and then truly being able to appreciate it.


Photo Courtesy of Fierce Forward 

Since starting Weight Watchers in November 2009, I've used a lot of visual cues - notes on my hand, post-it notes, etc - as a way to remind myself to pick the healthy option. But Ashley has created a much cuter way to cue myself to pick the water and not the soda. (I am currently 856 days soda free).

This is not just for someone with Diabetes watching their sugar intake but for ANYONE. We should all take more care in what we put in our bodies. You start reaching for that Mountain Dew in the fridge and see your Less Sugar Candy Bracelet and remember that you don't NEED that. Reach for water instead. I create these bracelets to mean something to YOU. You will have your own individual need for your bracelet and it will connect with you on your level:)

What will my bracelet remind me to do? Grab the water before a snack. Our bodies don't know the difference between hunger and thirst signals SO when I grab for food my bracelet on my left wrist will remind me to drink some water first. Thanks Ashley!

So who's ready for the giveaway??

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The winner will be announced on Friday!!