1st Run 5k - 1/1/13 - 23:07 (7:27 min/mile)

The race that almost didn't happen. I found out on December 21st that my grampa had cancer and had about 6 months to a year to live ... then on December 27th I found out he passed away. Well apparently 6 months was really 6 days.

We thought the funeral would be on New Year's Day so I didn't think I would run this race. But then I found out the wake would be held on January 2nd.

So the race was back on.

Since hearing about my grampa's passing, I had been using running as a great - cheap - version of therapy to work out my emotions. I was really looking forward to just cutting loose on the race course and just enjoy the time.

This marked my 3rd straight New Year's Day 5k.

1/1/11 - I had a herniated disc and had to walk the New Year's Day 5k in Chicago so it took the wife and I finished in 48:37 (15:41 min/mile)

1/1/12 - I was healthy, besides a small knee injury and was able to run the New Year's Day 5k in Chicago in 25:27 (8:13 min/mile)

1/1/13 - well....

The wife and I signed up for the 1st Run 5k (which offered a 10k as well) in Lowell, Mass - about a 30-45 minute ride from our house depending on traffic. It's funny that this race was the closest one to our house offered on New Year's. Slightly different from the 15 minute bus ride we took in Chicago. :P

The 1st Run 5k run had me at: the medal was a wine bottle topper. Oh yeah!!! :) :)

We didn't get out the door as early as I had wanted so we made it to the race with about 5 minutes to spare and still had to pick up our bibs and our hats. I love when races move outside the realm of t-shirts and offer different fitness gear as race swag.


While waiting in line to pick up my bib I ran into Amy and Janine!! I love seeing fit friends at races. :)

Of course I had to hit the bathrooms before the race started :P so we tried to use the one women's bathroom inside the VFW but the line was pretty lengthy. So us females took charge and took over the men's bathroom as well. ;) My dad was there to act as a lookout for us thankfully.

It did the trick until we walked outside and realized there was ZERO line for the port-o-potties ... uncharacteristic for a race.

After finally getting all squared away we made it to the Start Corral just in time. :) I even ran into Amy again (who was going to rock the 10k course).

They did a 10 second countdown in honor of New Years and we were off...

In a shocking turn of events, I didn't look at the course map ahead of time so I wasn't sure what to expect.

As we approached Mile One or so, I ran by two people I know - Robin, who was running with her sister, and Sara, who participates in my Boston Marathon training runs on Saturday mornings. Yay more familiar faces. :)

It was the halfway point or so through the race when we took a turn towards the River and BAM enter the wind!! We ran straight into the wind for the second half of the race. I felt as if I was running in place for most of the that trek.

I was mentality out of the race and ready for it to be over so the final couple tenths of the race felt like they would never end. :P

We passed the Mile Three sign and I was pretty happy I had signed up for the 5k instead of the 10k - especially the 10k was just the 5k loop AGAIN. No thank you.

I tried to turn up the legs and push myself past the finish line as quickly as possible.


Thanks for the great action shot race photographers

I knew it wasn't a PR (which I know I don't need to get each time out), but I was pleased with the race overall and was happy I beat that darn wind. :P


So the Yankee Timing Company did this really cool thing where you could swipe your race bib up to this computer on the side of a truck and up popped your results on a TV screen - right after the race. Cool, right?


I will definitely take 23:07 and be happy!! :) How could I not when my first 5k time was 38:21 in March 2005. I am constantly amazed and thankful for how my body and my running has improved over the past couple years especially with the herniated disc/back surgery in January 2011.

Plus how sweet is this medal?


We caught up with Amy's husband, Chris, Janine. Sarah and my fellow Tedy's Team member Nanci after the race before heading out to refuel with some Dunkin Donuts. :)


So my New Year's Day races are:

1/1/11 - I had a herniated disc and had to walk the New Year's Day 5k in Chicago so it took the wife and I finished in 48:37 (15:41 min/mile)

1/1/12 - I was healthy, besides a small knee injury and was able to run the New Year's Day 5k in Chicago in 25:27 (8:13 min/mile)

1/1/13 - I ran in honor of my Grampa and hopefully made him proud in the 1st Run 5k finishing in 23:07 (7:27 min/mile)