Face It Friday: Unexpected Gain 8/8/14

I'm grumpy! I yelled at the scale this morning. I called it some names that I am not proud of, but I did it.


Because of that stupid unexpected gain. You ever have one of those?

photo (71)

You do every. single. thing. right and how does the scale repay you????? By going in the wrong direction.

It's just rude. Plain and simple.

So I had my hissy fit (it was good one too). I got the emotions out and then I talked to myself like I would talk to one of MY Weight Watchers members.

^ The scale does NOT dictate my worth.

^ My BODY just happened to forget that it is supposed to weigh the lightest for the week at 6:25am on Friday! *How rude!*

^ A gain does not take away all of the good work I did the past week.

^ Unexpected gain does not give me liberty to say SCREW THE UPCOMING WEEK, but to buckle down and keep at it.

^ Focus on the positives from the past week...

So what are those positives?

** I tried my first Barry's Bootcamp class on Tuesday ... and lived to tell the tale about Butts & Legs!


** For the first time in weeks, I came out of the weekend WITHOUT being in the negative!! I was right at zero. :P

** I did my first 3-hour training bike ride - outside - by myself!

2014-08-03 11.16.55

** I am listening to my body and taking a couple of much-needed rest days to try and fix these tight quads.

** I feel in control, lean and overall awesome! Clothes are loose again and I feel stronger in my workouts (pre-injury).

And the best of all...

** I am happy again! Through and through I am overall feeling more positive about life, which is a great bonus.

So if you ever have one of those weeks where the scale forgets to repay you for your hard work just remember: Your Check Is In The Mail!

The scale will catch up to your awesomeness.

But if for some reason it doesn't then simply remember:



Before I get back to icing my quads, I would LOOOOVVEEE your daily vote in the following two Got Chocolate Milk contests… each ends on August 15!

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Chocolate Milk Contest

^I am currently in fourth place (by a lot I know), but the top three vote getters secure the prizes. 1st prize is valued just over $5k, 2nd prize just under $1,900 and 3rd prize around $775. Holy cow they are sweet.


Team Chocolate Milk

^The prize? $500 in sponsorship money, which I will use to fund my first Ragnar Relay experience, new training gear and free race entries. Each time you vote $1 is donated to the Challenged Athletes Foundation. How awesome is that?

Thank you all so much!!!


How do you get past an unexpected gain?

Weight Watchers: Girl Scout Cookie Cheat Sheet


Ggaahhh it is THAT time of year again.

The cuteness.

The little faces.

The puppy dog eyes.

It is Girl Scout Cookie Time...


Are YOU ready?

If you are feeling worried ... Not sure of the Points Plus Values of those tasty little treats ... I'm here for you!

NOW in my world a serving of thin mint cookies used to be an entire sleeve.

Anyone else? Anyone? Bueller?

But can you believe that isn't an actual serving size?

Shocking I know!

So let's break down the Points Values of the 12 current types of Girl Scout cookies. Thanks to the Girl Scouts website - Meet The Cookies - for having this information so readily available. :P

NOW again I cannot have just one so I am going to share the PPV of up to 3 or 4 cookies. Just keepin' it real. Especially since in Weight Watchers math, 1+1 doesn't always equal 2.

Let's get the party started:


Thin Mints

1 is 2 PPV, 2 are 4 PPV, 3 are 7 PPV


Samoas/Caramel deLites

1 is 2 PPV, 2 are 4 PPV, 3 are 6 PPV


Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs

1 is 2 PPV, 2 are 4 PPV, 3 are 6 PPV



1 is 1 PPV, 2 are 2 PPV, 3 are 2 PPV, 4 are 3 PPV


Do-si-dos/Peanut Butter Sandwich

1 is 2 PPV, 2 are 3 PPV, 3 are 5 PPV, 4 are 6 PPV



1 is 2 PPV, 2 are 4 PPV, 3 are 6 PPV, 4 are 9 PPV


Savannah Smiles

1 is 1 PPV, 2 are 2 PPV, 3 are 2 PPV, 4 are 3 PPV



1 is 2 PPV, 2 are 4 PPV, 3 are 6 PPV


Dulce de Leche

1 is 1 PPV, 2 are 2 PPV, 3 are 3 PPV


Cranberry Citrus Crisps

1 is 1 PPV, 2 are 2 PPV, 3 are 3 PPV, 4 are 4 PPV


Chocolate Chip Shortbread

1 is 1 PPV, 2 are 2 PPV, 3 are 3 PPV, 4 are 4 PPV


Thank U Berry Much

1 is 2 PPV, 2 are 3 PPV, 3 are 5 PPV


I can tell you that 10 of the 12 types of Girl Scout cookies can be found in the Weight Watchers eTools database. The only two not found were Cranberry Citrus  Crisps and Chocolate Chip Shortbread.

In eTools you can calculate the points based on any increment of cookies eaten.

Also I highly recommend writing the PPV values right on the cookie boxes as soon as you receive them.


I hope this is helpful information for everyone as you place your Girl Scout cookie orders.

I know it will help me from going all Cookie Monster on my order.

cookie monster

Because c'mon I can't quit those Thin Mints!