Weekly Workout Wind Up (9/19-25/13)

Tough week. I was feeling great until I hit 10.53 miles into my 15-mile run on Sunday. Something was going on in the ball of my foot out to my second toe. Not a happy camper to have to stop my run early. Tried to run Monday and only got 1 mile in before pain started. So I had to take rest days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tough. I was going to try to Stairmaster or Elliptical, but was advised to try to rest it as much as possible. I DID PASS 850 miles run for the year!! At the end of this week I was at 862 miles. Woo! Bring on my goal of 1,000 miles run in 2013!

Thursday, September 19: 3-Mile Run


Friday, September 20: 2-Mile Run


Saturday, September 21: VERT Race Series Big Bad Wolf 5-Mile Trail Run


Sunday, September 22: 11-Mile Run


Monday, September 23: 1-Mile Run and 53-Min Spin Class



Tuesday, September 24: REST DAY


Wednesday, September 25: REST DAY


I am praying it is okay this weekend with back to back half marathons. Here's hoping rest and foam rolling was the trick!