An Exercise For Motivation...

The topic I am asked most about is motivation: How do I keep it going? How do I find it again once it's lost? Can I buy it somewhere? Will you come to my house and motivate me on a daily basis? (Only if you live somewhere tropical on the last one ;))


There are a hundred things I could suggest and maybe some day I will take the time to write a wicked long post with all the things I can think of about motivation. But for now, I leave you with the number one tip I give everyone.

A little exercise I have been having some of my Weight Watchers members and readers do when saying they need to re-motivate or get back on track:

**get old school and write a list of all the reasons you started this journey (healthy living, fitness, etc)

**put those reasons on tiny pieces of paper in a jar to take out when you need a dose of motivation or put them on post-it notes and hang on the bathroom mirror

Like so...


Thanking myself for deciding I was worth the journey!


Reminding myself I am enough just the way I am! 

So if you are looking to re-motivate yourself, grab some scraps of paper, a legal pad or post-it notes and get to writing! You won't regret it! :)