#HeatItUp April Instagram Challenge - You In?

I love Instagram.


Yes I am Captain Obvious right now.  I know. I know.

I love PhotoADay challenges ... I just usually suck at them.

I have tried time and time again to make it through an entire month, but usually get sidetracked part way through. Or after Day 2. Something along those lines. Well in all of the challenges I've tried I have successfully completed 1 full month and am currently 23 days into completing my second month.

Yes if it happens I will be adding it to my resume. Don't you worry.

Well, it looks as if I am going to press my luck at completing back-to-back PhotoADay challenges.


Because this time I am CO-HOSTING one with my ladies!!


That's right folks. I am teaming up with the bloggers I met in NOLA for a little April Instagram Photo Challenge.

final #HeatItUp

Join Abby, Cecilia, DebiHollyMindySarah and myself...

Are you ready to #HeatItUp?