Face It Friday: I Didn't Throw In The Towel 7/25/14

Last weekend was FUUUNNNN! I do not regret a single food or drink choice I made.

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I celebrated the wife's 34th birthday AND completing my third triathlon. I filled some cravings that I had had for months... and they were delicious.

Now my week starts on Friday as we know. So Friday itself was a 109 pt day. Yup you read that right. We went out to a big dinner and I ate delicious pizza and drank decadent beer. It was great.

Now Saturday and Sunday we were on the go with the race so I didn't track.

I knew I was over, but didn't have the energy to see how over.

But, Monday morning I looked at myself in the mirror and said the only person I am hurting is myself. So I sat down and estimated the best I could.

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Yup, three days into my Weight Watchers week and I was -114 pts in the hole.

That was a punch to the gut moment. But I patted myself on the back for owning up to it.

At that moment I decided instead of throwing in the towel and "restarting" on Friday when my WW week would be fresh, I decided to see how much I could earn back through Activity. It was lighting a fire under my training butt.

So I worked and I happily saw the number decrease.

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I knew I would never get back into the positive, but I felt okay.

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I really didn't care what the scale said this week because I was living on my NSV (Non-Scale Victory) of sticking with my game plan and reaching out to friends for support.

Every day I hit my DPT, filled all of my Good Health Guidelines and was staying well hydrated with H2O. I was feeling GREAT.

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So I woke up this morning feeling light and lean, but reminding myself that even if the scale showed a gain I would NOT take away the accomplishments of the week.

I took out the scale, dusted it off, closed my eyes and stepped on.

Down 2.8 lbs!

Woo! Now I do not get into the habit of going into the negative with my points. I've been doing Weight Watchers for almost 5 years and know that weeks will vary because well life happens.

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Do I want to keep this pattern of being in the negative going - of course not. But I made it through two tough weeks and still came out on top.

So next time you have one bad meal or day and think you ruined the whole week remember this post, track it and move on.


Since June 13, I have successfully shed 16.2 of the 15.8 lbs gained during my temp assignment. Yes that means all the weight plus a little extra is GONE. Yahoo!! What a great feeling getting back to the balance I know that works for me.

Sometimes we need to go through a bumpy road to find the focus again and the reason we started this journey to begin with.


This week I will be participating in my own fundraising virtual 5k - F.A.S.T. (Fight Against Stroke Together) 5k/10k - and would love for you to join me. You can click here to find more information about how you can help Fight Stroke AND get a sweet Finisher's Medal.



And finally, if you all could take a moment and vote for me I would really appreciate it. There are some sweet prizes on the table and you all know I love my low-fat chocolate milk.


I think you can vote once a day! Thanks!!


I hope everyone has an amazing week. I am race free this weekend, but have some social engagements to attend. I will once again track it and own it.

I will keep the following mantra in the back of my mind:

Eat To Live Don't Live To Eat