Friday Five: ASICS Triathlon Edition


The new ASICS ad campaign speaks to me. It's something that I've been working on for years: to end the comparison game and focus on bettering YOUR best.

Well it looks like ASICS agreed. They sent me a note stating how they thought I embodied the "Better Your Best" mantra and liked my passion for training that I've shared through my blog.

I was speechless. But it got better!

They would be sending me the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon Survival Kit designed by elite athlete Andy Potts. The Survival Kit was a collection of ASICS gear Potts felt would help triathletes perform at their best.

Ahhh I jumped at the opportunity and now I can share with YOU what that kit included.

(Note: I did receive the gear free of charge, but as always all thoughts are my own! Ain't nobody got time for lyin'!)

photo 3 (80)

While I am new-ish to triathlons (three sprints under my belt so far), I still know what gear I like and what I don't. So let's get right to it.


1) Sneakers: Gel-Hyper Speed 6 ($85 value) to be exact

I have been running in ASICS sneakers since I first started running in 2005. The GT-2000 series has gotten me through countless miles and races. So I was open to trying this racer flat.

photo 1

 It was DEFINITELY an adjustment from the more supportive GT-2000s that I wear, but I could see the benefit in the racing flats for the Sprint or Olympic distance triathlons. The lightweight seamless construction reduces irritation and friction while running, but the shoe also offers a Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System, which I appreciate for impact.


Personally I wouldn't be comfortable running farther than a 10k in them, but that is for my own personal preference. These have already become a staple for meduring speed workouts.

Plus, I adore the color combo. Priorities, right?

2) Backpack: Kayano Backpack ($75 value)

First and foremost I love that the Kayano Backpack offers a chest strap. I really dislike having to hold my straps up while walking to the gym or heading to a race. The Kayano has padded straps, as well as a padded laptop pocket that zips open flat for travel ease.


There is also a stashable water-resistant bag cover, which is great for transition areas they may get a little wet on a rainy race day.

But I really appreciate the bag having two water bottle holders (one on each side), which comfortably fit a water bottle in each. I hate when the water bottle pocket isn't deep enough and my water bottle goes flying while I am in transit. So thanks ASICS for making the pockets deep enough.

The backpack has ample space within the two main compartments to handle your gear for all three parts of the triathlon.

3) Accessories: Dawn-2-Dusk Cap ($20 value), Long Haul Handheld Water Bottle ($18 value), and Kayano Single Tab Socks ($14 value)

An athlete is only as good as their accessories. Ummm??

I'm not sure if that is a thing, but we will go with it.

The versatility of this cap takes you from dawn (with lightweight, quick-dry functionality) to dusk, effortlessly transitioning into a high visibility reflective cap.

The 20oz water bottle features an adjustable Airmesh handle, which keeps sweating to a minimum. The easy to open zip pocket keeps your valuables in reach. I did find the grip comfortable, but personally I am not into the hand held water devices ... listening to the water sludge around just makes me have to pee. ;)

photo 2 (96)


Last but not lease would be the sock featuring PROfit™ Technology for a comfortable fit, while providing a dry and stay-put sock. The worst feeling is having your socks slide down mid-race so thanks ASICS for helping avoid that hassle. 

4) Long-sleeved training top: Thermopolis LT 1/2 Zip (on sale $39)

While I appreciate a long-sleeved zip, this wasn't the time of year to be testing it out. Ha. It is hot hot hot out there so I do not need any extra warmth. I will look forward to breaking this out come September or so.

photo 3 (81)

The PR Thermal fabric allows for breathability and it has the ability to insulate your body and keep you at an ideal temperature. 

It will be joining my weekend comfy clothes rotation this Fall as well because I am in love with the neck. ;)

5) Top/Shorts: Performance Fun Starburst Tank (on sale $22) and Speed Short (on sale $35)

Now I think we all know I am NOT a shorts person, but as always I wanted to give them a try. And they were just not for me. A little too short. But for those that like shorts, you will love the lightweight, breathable fabric, the flatlock seams which help reduce chafing and the reflective elements on the sides of the shorts.

photo 4

Now I think I ordered the top a size too big. It was loose fitting in the chest area, which wouldn't fly for a run. But I loved the style in the back!! It was lightweight and airy. Plus, it has such a fun pattern and it pairs well with the sneakers. ;)


Overall, I loved the first four parts of the Survival Kit, but wish there was a capri option for the bottoms (personal preference).

photo 2 (95)


But now that I've shared my thoughts with you, it's time for me to suit up and get back to training.

Now off to find the training plan! :P