Monday Musings: Sun, Fun And Of Course Training

This Summer ROCKS! Okay I am not sleeping as much as I would like or having as many lazy weekends or trips as my wife would like.

But we are definitely doing more than we did last summer.

Last summer on July 19, my wife had her ACL replaced, which led to a pretty uneventful summer.

Thankfully this year she is healed and we are taking advantage of it.

The weekends have been full of adventure and something I'm looking forward to recapping every Monday. :)


Friday kicked off with a phenomenal weigh-in, where I finally shed the weight I had gained during my temp job and I am feeling AMAZING.

photo 4 (67)

After attending my Friday morning meeting, I subbed the Noon meeting for a coworker. I love meeting new groups and hearing about people's journeys.

When I got home from work I had a present from Misfit Wearables!!

photo 2 (100)

I am wicked excited to try another activity monitor and report back all my thoughts. I am going to give it a couple of weeks before I write a post on it. It has the feature to track your swims so I already love that it is waterproof. :)

Once the work day was over, I had to turn my attention to the training plan. Which called for a 2 hour and 15 min bike ride. Now the weather was forecasted to be crappy and I was waiting for the wife to get home to enjoy dinner so I opted for a ride on the trainer.

photo 2 (97)

But how could I be in my living room for that long without going crazy?!?! A movie would do the trick.

photo 1

Yay Frozen to the rescue.

After a grueling training session - Hello Sweatfest - it was a low-key evening in our household: Zensah compression, pizza, wine and snuggling in bed. Success since I was getting up early Saturday morning.


I must've gotten up early for a training ride or run on Saturday? Nope! The alarm went off at 6am so I could sub two Weight Watchers meetings for my friend Heather. I had attended the 8am meeting as a member in the past and I knew it was a fun group. I was looking forward to see the good times that most Saturday groups convey. :)

Now I made sure to adjust my training plan accordingly so I could work and keep my afternoon free to spend with the wife.

So I wore my bathing suit underneath my work clothes to keep me accountable. I walked straight from the Weight Watchers Center to the gym, which was easy since it is on my way home. :P

The swim workout was easily laid out: 300 WU, 2000 meters and 300 CD. To my knowledge that would be my longest consistent swim.

photo 3 (82)

2000 meters = 80 lengths of my pool = 1.242 miles

The Half Ironman swim distance is 1.2 miles and has a 1-hour cutoff.

The 2000 meters took me 40 minutes and 55 seconds. I was happy with the outcome. I felt strong and consistent the entire time. I knew I could've pushed it more, which made me happy. The plan wanted you to swim it at moderate pace and I think I kept it that way. Besides some bursts when I needed to change lane mid-swim and my lane mate wanted to chat briefly. Ha!

With work and the workout done, it was Date Afternoon time. For the wife's birthday, I gave her a Date Afternoon consisting of Stand Up Paddle Boarding and dinner at the Boston Burger Company in Davis Square (Somerville).

Neither of us had done Stand Up Paddle Boarding before so it would definitely be an experience for both of us.

I have seen the Charles River Canoe & Kayak kiosk on countless runs.

photo 4 (70)

Finally time to step on up and try it!

photo 5 (51)

After taking a brief quiz - of course we got 100% and a smiley face on it - we signed away our lives and hid our stuff in the car to keep it safe and dry. I had no idea how many times we would potentially end up in the water. :P

The SUP boards were $15/hr and we were figuring one hour would be a good starting off point for us.

We were fitted for our life vests before having the oars properly lengthened for our heights.

photo 4 (68)

photo 1-4

In order to shimmy on to the board, we headed down the dock where the dockhands were ready and waiting. Thankfully I trusted the 15 year old (if that) to hold the board steady, while I slid onto the board.

You start on your knees and work your way to standing up once 10 feet from the dock.

photo 3 (84)

I don't have the best of balance so I was hoping for the best.

photo 5 (49)


We started our trip upstream. It was a beautifully sunny day in Boston and perfect to be out on the River. We were boarding among canoers, kayakers and even some boaters.

Now the boaters can be tricky as they leave wake behind ... which is why my love ended up in the water! ;) I wish I had pictures of it. :P

photo 1-2

She did a great job quickly getting back on to the board and reclaiming her balance. Go babe!

After that little blip the rest of the hour was smooth sailing. It is a good upper body workout as well as a lower body workout to keep balanced.

Once we hit a boat house along the water, we decided to make the turn and head back to the dock.

We started upstream- against the current - which proved to be more of a workout than downstream. I know a Duh sort of moment. But both were fun.

We returned to the docks and the dockhands helped us shimmy back on to land and check out.

The service was great and the payment process quick. They did take credit cards, which was nice.

Now I will say I didn't bring the camera with me on the River. We actually went back to the dock so I could run to the car, retrieve my car and snap some action shots of us. :)

I kept the phone in a little pocket on the life vest in between pics.

It was nice to just enjoy time with my wife away from technology and the real world. I even said to her during the trek that I would've never imagined doing something like this when we first met. I am thankful for so much from this weight loss journey - including a more daring personality.

We actually finished up paddle boarding just before 4, but we ready for an early dinner so straight to Boston Burger Company we went.

photo 2 (99)

This restaurant features my wife's favorite burger: The Killer Bee.

photo 2 (98)

Can you tell how happy she is?

I am not a burger person so I opted for a Garden Salad with chicken and french fries.

photo 5 (50)

We both cheered her birthday with our favorite Slumbrew beers on tap: Happy Sol for her (right) and Porter Square Porter for me (left).

photo 1-3

What a delicious meal!

It was one perfect Summer Day in Boston. I could've asked for a better time or person to spend it with.

I was getting sleepy so we called it an early night to watch some Netflix, snuggle some pups and turn in early.

Okay I fell asleep before anyone else ... it happens!


Sunday I made sure to get up early to get my 5-mile training run in before the wife and I headed to New Hampshire for my friend's daughter's baptism.

photo 3 (83)

It was great to catch up with college friends. The original party would've been outside, but with inclement weather coming down on us the festivities were moved inside. After some baby snuggling, we all headed home.

We caught a little bit of weekend vacation traffic, but thankfully not too much.

I was home, changed and on the bike trainer by 4pm. I could've ridden outside, but I wanted to spend more time with my little family so I hopped on the trainer for the 90 minute ride.

photo 4 (69)

Luckily the trainer isn't so loud that it drowns out the conversation. :)

But if you haven't caught on with the pattern so far, the night was low-key and I tried to recover with my compression and bed.


Once again the weekend was superb (and I tracked every delicious bite of it), but ended on a tough note. I have signed up for something in 2015 (which I will reveal soon), but now I am nervous that it was a bad choice. I need to listen to my gut so instead of regretting the decision I am going to accept the challenges.

I spent a majority of Sunday also glued to my iPhone as I tracked seven people I knew attacking Iron Man Lake Placid. It was a phenomenally inspiring day. 6 of the 7 were able to Finish after battling tough weather conditions. But all 7 are winners in my book as they had the heart to sign up, train and show up on Race Day!

A DNF (Did Not Finish) is better than a DNS (Did Not Start)!

Now I must recollect myself and get back to my own training plan... six weeks until Pumpkinman Half Ironman. Eek!


PS. There is still time to sign up for my virtual fundraising 5k – F.A.S.T. (Fight Against Stroke Together) 5k/10k. You can click here to find more information about how you can help Fight Stroke AND get a sweet Finisher’s Medal.