Face It Friday: A Manageable Gain, Disneyland & Tracking

Now when we last met on January 9th I had gotten myself back down to goal. Like goal on the nose - right at 155.


I was elated.

2014 was a horrible year for me weight wise so I am happy to be starting 2015 in a better frame of mind and a better number on the scale.

I was unable to weigh in last week because 1) I slept through my alarm to weigh in Wednesday morning and 2) I was out of town at Disneyland on Thursday/Friday. I felt okay with having the week off from the scale.

BUT that didn't mean I gave up tracking.

I made a deal with myself. I would NOT make myself track during our 5 days away at Disneyland IF I tracked every Bite, Lick and Taste up to that point... which I did. I tracked for 69-straight days before the trip.

When we left for Disneyland, I told myself I could enjoy whatever I wanted while there as long as I got RIGHT back on track as soon as I got home.

You know what? It worked!

I enjoyed a Mickey pretzel and a Mickey ice cream, as well as other indulgences... guilt free! I did make sure to wait and enjoy the pretzel and ice cream on the FINAL day of the trip as to not tempt myself to have them everyday. It worked like a charm!

We arrived home Monday night after having an absolutely amazing time. I earned 90 APs and tracked over 125k+ steps on my Fitbit. So yeah there was some moving involved while away.

star wars

Costumes from the Run Disney Star Wars 5k, 10k and Half!

But when I woke up Tuesday morning I got right back to business. Was the day perfect - not at all, but I wrote it all down. And it really felt great to be back to my normal routine.

So I stepped on the scale Friday fearing what the number would say.


155.6 - a 0.6 lb gain! Oh hellz yeah that is a manageable gain. I was thrilled. Cuhlearly being on track surrounding those 5 off-plan days and moving non-stop helped keep the scale in check.

Now can a belated gain show up next week, absolutely! The scale forgets it should be it's lightest on weigh-in day. There are also times when an off week can show up two weeks down the road. The scale is a fickle beast that only shows us one side of the journey.


I am prouder of the fact that I got on the scale despite the fear of the number. I could've hidden away, but what's the point. The number is going to be the same whether I step on the scale now or not. (Have I always lived by the mantra - no - but I'm working on it!)

The scale is always Feedback never Failure!!

The best part was going to Disneyland feeling fit and fabulous. I felt comfortable in my costumes and walking around the parks - something missing from my trip to Disney World last year.


I want to hold on to that awesome feeling as I continue to train for the Boston Marathon AND prepare for our trip to Disney World next month.

We are heading to Disney World February 19-24 for the Run Disney Princess weekend races (5k, 10k and Half). I made another pledge with myself: If I track every day between now and Feb 19, I will allow myself to enjoy Disney World tracking free. I feel again this is a good tactic for me and one that allows me to indulge guilt-free.


Does this mean there is no mental tracking going on? Oh definitely not. I have been doing WW long enough that I still have a tally in my head even when not putting it in the tracker.

When we got to the airport, I went to the "healthy snacks" wall at Hudson News and picked up Chex Mix and some Trail Mix. Yes I know I could've gotten grapes and yogurt, but I didn't want those and I hadn't had Chex Mix in months.

Again I said I wouldn't track, but for my own knowledge I needed to know the points. Why? So that the next time I tried to buy them I would know how much it would cost me.

Because once you look up the points of something - you never UNknow it! Am I right?

The bag of Chex Mix from Hudson News cost me 23 points. OUCH! Worth it in that moment? Yes!

The bag of Trail Mix from the "healthy eats wall?" Entire bag 28 points. My wife and I split it so 14 pts each. Worth it? Nope! But I live and learn. Now I know for my next trip to scan these items before buying - even if I am not tracking. Scan them because knowledge is power people!


So there are my life lessons of the last two weeks. I made some great choices. I made some not great choices. BUT I owned every choice I made, practiced self-forgiveness, re-found some confidence that was missing and got right back to business when "vacation mode" was over.


How do you handle your vacations when it comes to tracking/healthy choices?