*Update Time* Boston Marathon, Ragnar Relay, ZOOMA & Rock 'n' Roll Marathons

Oh I'm sorry did I somehow sign up for three marathons in a year for the second-year in a row... ummm that would be a big yes! **Note: it may've been four, but I was a big reject from NYC lottery! :P


How does this happen?

I mean seriously! Who took over my body and started type type typing my info?

Okay okay. I take full responsibility for my actions... this time!

So where to start? Well I think chronological order makes most sense to me.


Boston Marathon ... T-minus 47 days!

Excuse me while I freak out!! 47 days? I remember when it was 100. Heck I remember when I was applying to run for the third year with Tedy's Team!

Let's sloooowww the time train down. Okay?

Well training for Boston has been interesting to say the least. There has been a tad bit of snow here in Boston - in case you live under a rock and didn't hear. A tad bit of snow = over 100 inches.

While I've been making the most of it and running outside as much as possible, it still is tiring to constantly be slipping, sliding and trying to find a piece of street or sidewalk to run on.

I have been focusing this year on trying to keep my weight down this year and hope for a better result than last year.

I officially set my goal for Boston in this lovely little vlog post. I would still LOVE to see that happen, but am being realistic with how this winter has been.

This past week, however, proved trying. I did a 16-mile training run on Saturday with my teammate and friend Page and it was BAD. I felt off and tired the whole run. I was supposed to do 18, but called it a day at 16. The coach for Tedy's Team suggested I take it back this week and try to rest the legs. It was the best news I could've heard and I have been enjoying more time on the bike and in the pool. :)

I am proud to announce that I have raised $6,840 to help Fight Stroke with Tedy's Team. This brings my three-year fundraising total to $22,415 in honor of my Stroke Heroes - my grandparents, my father-in-law and so many others affected by Stroke.

I know that any version of me can show up on race day so I have learned to have different levels of goals for a race and make sure the #1 goal is: Have Fun!! :)


Ragnar Relay ... T-minus 65 days!

Again whhaa?? Time is creepin' up on me!

Since my current focus is on the Boston Marathon, I am not sure yet how to transition to Ragnar training once the marathon is over. I think my current run streak (#WOMSStreak - 131 days) is helping me out with that thought of running on tired legs.

I do think I will have to work on some double run days after the marathon to see what it's like to put in some serious miles on tired legs.

Either way I know I am in for a pretty sweet experience.

Now to start thinking about what fun outfit I will rock... :)


Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon ... T-minus 88 days!

I am PUMPED for this race! There are going to be just so many of my favorite bloggers in the world in town for the weekend...

... AND I get to run the marathon with my girl Sarah from Mom Running On Empty and her husband Rob. Woo hoo!!!

The pair is looking to PR and shooting for a 4:30. I'm excited to play #1 cheerleader and leader of the conversation if they need a distraction/pick-me-up!!


ZOOMA Cape Cod Half ... T-minus 206 days!

My game plan for this may have changed. My current half PR (1:44:12) will soon be invalid to register with for Disney races (needs to be within 2 years). THIS means I need a new PR or a 1:4x to help secure my spot in the first corral for 2016 Disney races.

Originally I was going to try to help a friend PR at this event, but now I may need to work on PRing there myself. I did post a 1:47 at ZOOMA in 2013 so a 1:4x is possible on the course.

Lots to think about over the summer in terms of that!

Want to run your own ZOOMA race? Use my discount code below for 10% off.



Rock 'n' Roll Savannah Marathon ... T-minus 248 days!

This has been a recent add to the race schedule as I am hoping to set a new shiny PR on the course. I set my current PR (and only sub-4 marathon finish) at this race in 2012.

I am hoping to come up with a great training plan to make this dream a reality.

Savannah is one kick ass city and I am excited to rock and roll right through it!


If you want to join me at the Rock 'n' Roll races (or a different one), please use my discount code to save some money... for extra adult beverages!



There are other fun races on the schedule, but these are the major distances I have as of now. I am toying with the idea of adding another half in order to possibly PR.

GAH so many races so little $$$$.


Do you have a goal race for 2015?