Face It Friday: A Loss, WW App Update & My Return To Fitbit Nation

GAH! Once again a freakin awesome Friday and weekend got in the way of me getting my #FaceItFriday up on time. 

If you didn't know, SCOTUS legalized gay marriage in all 50 states! Pretty exciting stuff. So let's just say Friday was a blur of rainbows, hugs and liking everyone's supportive statuses on Facebook. :)

Wedding Day in Iowa 11/12/10

Wedding Day in Iowa 11/12/10

Oh and of course I celebrated with a rainbow-filled run with my friend Page.

But let me back it on up.

I woke up to my normal Friday weigh-in ritual and I was down 1.8 lbs and back into free Lifetime range. Hollah!

I was happy to see a loss since that is just the second one since May 1. But no one to blame on that front, but me.

I am continuing to track and making sure my choices - even if high in points - are worth it to me. For example: I took the wife to Friendly's (New England restaurant known for ice cream) for her first time and my first visit in well over a decade. So the 24 pt ice cream Friend-z (like a blizzard) was 100% worth it. Especially since that will be my last visit for probably another decade - if not ever. I experienced it, tracked it, enjoyed it and moved on.

For those who also track on the app - there was an update this weekend. Please make sure you go into your app store to update yours ASAP.

Happy to see the bugs are finally fixed.

Also I finally returned to the world of Fitbit! I know you were all on the edge of your seats waiting for that! ;) For those new to the blog, I have a knack for killing my Fitbit Ones by forgetting to take it off and wearing it in the water.

So on Monday I came home to a surprise from one of my Ragnar Relay teammates Don. His friend was getting rid of her old Fitbit Flex and it ended up making its way to me! Wahoo! The Flex is water resistant whereas the One was not. Yay! I shouldn't kill this one. <<Fingers Crossed>>

Feel free to friend me on Fitbit: Click Here!

BUT Fitbit has some amazing customer service and replaced my dead Fitbit One with a new one.

Well there must've been a mix-up as they sent me not one, but two replacement Ones. Woo! 

Soooo I am thinking about giving one away on the blog here... what do you all think??? :)