Face It Friday: An Anniversary, A Loss & A Thank You

Celebrate Good Times C'mon!!

That's right party people! Things are looking on the up and up since last week's post. YAY!!!

Today's weigh-in meant a lot to me. No it isn't the anniversary of getting to Onderland, hitting goal or becoming Lifetime. It is the one-year anniversary of recommitting to my health.

One June 13, 2014, I faced the music. I had had a rough Spring of being sedentary, not tracking and generally not putting myself or my health at the forefront of my mind. I was slacking in a big way. And I was depressed. But after a weekend with a bunch of running bloggers at the Runner's World Heartbreak Hill weekend I knew it was time to face the music.

On Jun 13, 2014 I weighed in at 178.6. That was a 20+ gain from my goal weight (155). I hadn't deviated from goal range the first two years after hitting goal. This was really disappointing. Rather than dwelling in my mistakes, I put on my big girl panties, recommitted to tracking, got back to meetings and reclaimed my health. I was back in goal range by September 2014 and ecstatic. 

While I will not be weighing in on the one-year anniversary exactly, I did weigh in today.


I lost 2.6 pounds and was back UNDER goal! Wooo!!!!

While this week was far from perfect, I did track for 8-consecutive days.

I am happy to see that I am able to celebrate being back in goal range a year from when I felt so out of control and lost.

June 2014 vs. June 2015

June 2014 vs. June 2015

Totally giving myself a virtual BRAVO for that.

While many of my friends and readers may not have noticed the weight gain, I did. It affected my mood, my spirit and my athletic activities. 

Fast forward a year and I am feeling stronger and am being more consistent with tracking, weigh-ins and workouts.

Happy to see my first loss since May 1!

Happy to see my first loss since May 1!

Overall I feel 1,000 times better. So while I may have struggles now they are much smaller than those I faced a year ago.

While I am not at my lowest, I am at the weight my body is happiest at. 

I will be working this summer to see if my body can maintain at a slightly lower weight. But overall I am happy to be where I am today. 

I am proud to say I took back control... and you can too!

THIS is why I share my story. I want to show folks that there will be bumps in the road - okay freakin big-ass potholes that may wreck your car - but we can recover. If we want it bad enough and commit to the work, we will succeed.

Additionally I will be working this summer to stay OUT of my own way.

Too many times I self-sabotage or stand in my own way. I strive to stop this each and every day.

So thank you dear readers! Thank you for allowing me to share my successes and my tumbles. It allows me to move on, talk through why it happened and strategize ways to recover. 

I can't put into words how much I love hearing your stories as well. We are all in this together. No matter what "plan" you are using, we are all striving for the same goal: a healthier and happier version of us! :)

Big hugs to everyone!

Oh oh and before I get back to packing for our weekend away to the Cape (first tri of the season), I wanted to make sure everyone saw the delicious Yasso Greek Yogurt Bar I posted yesterday on Facebook.

It is 3 PPV and freakin' yummy!

Have an amazing weekend everyone!!! May all your choices be "worth it!" :)