Face It Friday: Bloat & The Return of Routine

Before I even stepped on the scale this week, I knew it'd be a gain. 

Why? How? Am I psychic?


Mother Nature decided my period needed to come during weigh-in time. How dare she? My Weight Watchers weight tracker reminds me that every time I weigh in during that time of the month there is a gain. No matter how awesome I did - it is an automatic up. Thank you weight tracker.

This does not, however, take the sting out of seeing a gain when you had an overall great week. Am I right ladies? It stings.

So here was the damage:

It really did hurt at first then I remembered it is the pattern for the past six years so I had a quick pep talk with myself and moved on.

I had an AWESOME week so that was helpful in the whole moving on process.

I actually had the most Activity Points in a week (124) since running the Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon at the end of May (week of May 29-June 4). Yes it had been too long.

Woo hoo!! I always remind myself that the fitter I get the harder I need to work to earn the APs I need to keep my weight loss in check. One of the downsides of becoming a super active person! :P

Additionally, I hit 1,111.1 miles run for the year on Thursday!! I purposely ran 2.1 miles that day to hit that sweet number on the nose. :)

And the biggest BRAVO moment of the week was posting a picture of me just in a sports bra and shorts on the internet. I felt so great in these pieces of clothing that I didn't even care what people were going to say. Plus those New Balance shorts were a size Medium! Hollah! 

If you are in the market for a new sports bra, I highly recommend New Balance's Fabulous Framer II. It seriously was bounce proof. 

Because you want bounce in your step, not in your sports bra the NB Psyche Fabulous Framer II sports bra keeps its form while it supports yours.

This week I also saw a return to my healthy daily habits:

^ No Soda
^ Run streak
^ 10k steps on Fitbit
^ Hitting Goal on Activelink
^ Plankaday
^ Situps and Modified push-ups
^ At least 100 ounces of water
^ Tracking

I'm glad I track these in my Simple Habits app. I love checking each one off. I am back in love with the app. I had fallen out of love with it for a good portion of the summer. I see results when I get these done!

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Happy Labor Day Everyone!