My Run Disney Costumes Through The Years

I can’t believe I ran my first RunDisney race way back in 2013! I know for many RunDisney nerds that isn’t that long ago because they’ve been running Disney for 20 years. But for me I am psyched that I found out about running magical miles through my Happy Place!! :) It has gone from one race in 2013 (#WDWHalf) to multiple race weekend in a single year.

We try really hard not to re-use or if we do to do a mash-up, but sometimes like gets in the way and we double or in the case of Rey triple up! ;)

I get amazing compliments on the fantastic costumes that my wife puts together for me. I thought it would be fun to put them all in one place. So enjoy the journey…

Note: If you see a link that is a clickable link to the race report for that run!


WDW Half Marathon - Jessie From Toy Story

This was my first-ever Run Disney race! All I knew was I had to dress up in a costume and take as many character photos as possible.

This was the introduction to my Run Disney obsession…. it was also the one and only time I have PRed at a Disney race. Even with stopping at every character stop I PRed. Since that day I have always PRed in FUN at a Run Disney race. Haha.


WDW 5k - Minnie Mouse


We went super simple since this was race 1 of the inaugural Dopey Challenge!


Had a great time running the inaugural race with my girl Krissy… the Tiger Lilly to my Tink! :)

WDW Half Marathon - Jessie From Toy Story

Yes I doubled up on Jessie, but the wife wanted to try the costume again after the first shirt bled too much during the run.

I’m also still sad the race photog pic of Woody and I never showed up!

WDW Marathon - Snow White


The wife did a fantastic job making this shirt! It was breathable yet were perfect!

I think you can tell I got a TAD excited seeing Dopey with one mile to go to finish the inaugural Dopey Challenge!!


On this day I was lucky enough to even make it on to the Run Disney Facebook page for the race!! It was the action shot of me running down Main Street…


Princess 5k (Frozen 5k) — Rock Troll From Frozen


Oh and you may not know this, but that the pic of Minnie and I was tweeted out by the official Run Disney twitter account!

My favorite moment of the race was seeing Anna and Elsa in EPCOT and having Anna recognize me as a Rock Troll!!! As I ran up to them Anna yelled: "Well someone looks ready for a rock troll wedding."

rock 4.jpg

Princess Half — Evil Queen


Yes I ran with a Styrofoam ball as the apple… I was having a ball “in character!” The wife made the white collar that held up really well in the Florida heat.


Star Wars 10k (Disneyland) — Duck Solo (Donald Duck + Hans Solo mash-up)


Star Wars Half (Disneyland) — Chewbacca As A Wilderness Explorer (mash-up)


Star Wars 5k (Disney World - Inaugural) - Storm Trooper


How amazing is the shirt design that the wife drew by hand????

Star Wars 10k (Disney World - Inaugural) - Robot From Star Tours


This might be one of my top 3 costumes of all of my Run Disney races!! That isn’t ONLY because I made it in to Buzzfeed thanks to this costume.

Star Wars Half Marathon (Disney World - Inaugural) - REY

Yes I reused the costume because there aren’t a WHOLE LOT of Star Wars characters to use. Haha.

Wine & Dine 5k (Mickey’s Holiday 5k) — Fifi The Featherduster From Beauty & The Beast


This was the first time I tried to help the wife out with the costume. So I made the tutu that I wore and… I hated every minute of it. Ha! I am 100% a Sparkle Athletic skirt girl not a tutu girl. It kept shifting and the long pieces were getting stuck in between my legs when I ran or parted in a weird way! Personally I wouldn’t run in a longer tutu again.

Inaugural Wine & Dine 10k — Joy From Inside Out


I had a hard time keeping the wig on so I spent a lot of my energy trying to keep it looking goods for pics.

So yes if you are wondering I did in fact run the entire 10k holding the large “memory ball” aka a styrofoam ball.

Wine & Dine Half — Judy Hopps


The wife made my vest. It held up pretty well until around Mile 9/10 then I was sweating so much and it was so hot in Florida that the sticky side of the velcro was coming off the vest. :( Luckily I acted like MacGyver and used the safety pins from my bib to reattach the vest so I could finish the race in costume. ;)

The utility belt was a great way to hold my GU!!


Star Wars 5k — Rey (re-used from 3rd time)

Star Wars 10k (Disneyland)) — Prince Leia As A Fireside Girl (mash up)

leia 5.jpg

Of course we pay attention to detail so for Leia the Fireside girl patches had to be Star Wars related!

Star Wars Half (Disneyland) — Ewok


You can see that since the Star Wars 5k in 2015, we upped our game! The wife made me this amazing headpiece and it still one of my favorite pieces she’s made.

The wife made the amazing headpiece for me. It was built off a headband so it stayed perfectly in place when paired with my Sparkly Soul headband.

Wine & Dine 5k (Fall Feast 5k) — Fireside Girl from Phineas & Ferb


How amazing is the Fireside Girl handbook the wife made? It is made of foam and has a cut out inside the book to hold my GU or phone! She is a genius.

Wine & Dine 10k — Haunted Mansion Stretching Room Painting


Note: I actually walked out of the Haunted Mansion in 3rd grade (my first trip to Disney) and never returned until 2014 when the wife finally talked me into going on the ride. Let’s just say it wasn’t as scary as I built it up to in my head…

Yes the wife made my puffy sleeves and sewed them on to a purple tank top!

Wine & Dine Half — Vacation Genie From Aladdin


When the moment happens… Mile 11 I turned and THERE HE WAS!!!!

goof 3.jpg

Yes the wife ordered the orange shirt off amazon then designed the red pieces of fabric to look pretty close to Genie’s pattern. She then made the golf club and suitcase out of foam so they were super lightweight to carry!


WDW 5k - Wilderness Explorer


I realized before my second #DopeyChallenge that I hadn’t used the general Wilderness Explorer costume before. :)

WDW 10k - Sonny Eclipse (From Magic Kingdom Restaurant)


Sometimes I really like to challenge the wife on my costumes and this was one of them! I was nervous that no one would recognize it, but then I knew Run Disney runners are Disney freaks like me!

WDW Half Marathon - Holland Girl From Small World


This race took place exactly one week before the wife and I moved from Boston to the Netherlands so this costume was fitting!

WDW Marathon - Pinocchio


Disneyland Paris 5k - Tweedledum


Disneyland Paris 10k - Fairy Godmother

fairy god.jpg

This might’ve been the toughest task I gave to the wife… a cape! But she knocked it out of the park! Yes she made this cape from scratch.

Disneyland Paris Half Marathon - Ewok (re-used)

We had limited time to prepare 3 costumes so I opted to reuse the Ewok since I loved the headpiece so much!! :)

Check in to see what happens in 2019! :)